About Us


Integrative medicine means combining the best of mainstream medicine with complementary and alternative therapies such as nutritional, herbal, and hormonal therapies.  When used in the right combination, these therapies can be extremely effective against many chronic health conditions and can help you establish the highest level of health and wellness.

What makes our approach so different from conventional medicine is that, rather than treat symptoms, we seek to address the underlying causes of your illness.  We also seek to address this condition at the cellular level, rather than at an organ or system level.  In addition, we tailor the treatment strategy to your unique needs, based on the results of our comprehensive, individualized testing, health history evaluation, and your personal preferences. 

Finally, we strive to integrate therapies in a careful and balanced way—and only when there is sufficient research or evidence to indicate that they should be effective for your particular situation.  Drawing from the published medical research, we evaluate studies and organize the evidence to support those strategies we think will be most effective for your specific situation.  



Our mission is to assist you in optimizing and maintaining your health throughout your life.  We accomplish this goal by bringing the art and science of healing to medicine.  The science of healing means assessing, treating, and supporting the body at the cellular and metabolic levels.  The art of healing means addressing the needs of the whole person—body, mind, spirit, and community. 



The Carolina Center for Integrative Medicine has been offering innovative approaches to health and healing for more than 21 years, making this the oldest integrative medicine clinic in the Triangle area.  Medical director John C. Pittman, MD, founded the Center as a vehicle for helping people prevent and overcome chronic degenerative illnesses by combining multiple healing modalities under one roof.  The Center has always operated as an outpatient treatment facility that accommodates patients diagnosed with a wide variety of medical conditions.