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Due to limited seating and room capacity, we can only accommodate a maximum of 12 attendees.

If you are an incoming New Patient AND will be attending a New Patient Orientation, please include information on the accompanying guest if you are bringing one. New Patients are permitted to bring one guest to the orientation. If you are NOT a new patient – each person attending a seminar must register.

If you registered for a seminar and are unable to attend, please e-mail or call: 919-571-4391 to let us know so the spot can be opened.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and strive to make your visit to the Carolina Center a pleasant one!


As a friendly reminder:

Please * No Perfume or Scented Toiletries in the Clinic *

Many individuals who come to the Center, including our staff, have problems with chemical sensitivities and become violently ill when exposed to chemicals, perfume, gasoline and other fumes. We require that all patients refrain from the use of perfume or other scented toiletries while at the Center. This rule also applies to those individuals who may have scents on their clothing, even if they did not actively apply anything to their body prior to arrival. If any of our staff detects the presence of fragrances, we will ask that individual to wash off the offending scent. If, after this effort, the scent is still deemed to be overpowering, we will ask you to leave.


February 2013



Topic: Introduction to the Carolina Center – Prospective and New Patient Orientation – Register for this Orientation>>

Date & Time: Saturday, February 23rd - 1:00PM - 3:00PM

Location: Carolina Center for Integrative Medicine, 4505 Fair Meadow Lane, Suite 111, Raleigh

Presenter: Dr. John C. Pittman

Description: This Presentation will provide an overview of the operations of the Carolina Center, helping prospective and incoming new patients understand how we approach health and disease at the cellular and molecular level rather than the more conventional emphasis on organ systems; how we use a variety of labs and other testing techniques to evaluate health status; the various treatment modalities we utilize to help our patients achieve their goals; how we utilize diet and nutrition as the foundation of our programs, giving specific instructions as to how to adjust your diet to eliminate any food sensitivities or allergies; how our practice operates with explanations about scheduling appointments; and how to contact us if you have questions, how to maximize reimbursement from your insurance company, and other information about the policies and procedures of our office.








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