Meridian Stress Assessment - A Powerful Tool

Meridian Stress Assessment:

A Powerful Tool for Assessing Your Health,

Supplement Needs, and Therapeutic Options


What it is. Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) by Biomeridian is essentially a computerized health analysis that takes a great deal of the guesswork out of your health care. This non-invasive computerized test uses bio-energetic principles to assess the overall health of organs and systems, as well as factors that may be adversely affecting your health or interfering with normal functioning. Also known as Electrodermal Screening or Biomeridian Testing, this sophisticated technology measures the energy of associated acupuncture meridians—energy that carries key information about the condition of your internal organs and systems. At this time, Biomeridian’s MSA is the only FDA-approved Class II system that uses electro-acupuncture technology to accurately assess meridian dysfunction.

How it works. During the MSA test, degrees of imbalance found in each meridian are analyzed and evaluated against various substances to identify possible allergies, infections, and toxicities. In a comprehensive MSA session, energy from 58 points is read by pressing a brass probe tip to the hands and feet. A computer immediately analyzes these data in terms of which points are balanced or unbalanced and which therapeutic strategies are most likely to redress the imbalances. Those strategies may include a variety of treatment modalities, such as herbal and nutritional therapies, homeopathics, pharmaceuticals, and avoidance of allergic triggers. Once your meridians and organs are balanced, the disease process and symptoms resolve and you are better able to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Why you need it. The MSA test can help you discover diagnostic and treatment information that is often unobtainable through more conventional testing methods—thus saving you a huge amount of time, money and peace of mind. Specifically, the MSA’s computerized system can assist in detecting evidence of chronic infections (bacterial, viral, yeast/fungal and parasite infections), toxic chemicals, heavy metals, allergies and intolerances—and even suggest specific treatment options to address the problems that have been identified. Cellular nutrient and hormone status can also be assessed and then confirmed with biochemical testing. A skilled integrative medicine practitioner will use the MSA along with a physical examination, history, lab testing, medical knowledge and clinical judgment to help create the optimal treatment plan. 

What’s the history? For over 50 years, integrative medicine practitioners have used a similar procedure (originally a device similar to a simple ohmmeter, measuring electrical resistance) to read body energy circulating through channels known as meridians. In the 1950's, a German physician named Dr. Voll discovered that concentrated electrical energy found at each acupuncture point could be measured, as discovered. Dr. Voll developed a patented hand-held device that was placed against the skin on the acupuncture points and identified the degree of impedance of electrical charge in the meridian. Today’s instruments are computerized and include thousands of digitalized energetic signals with the storage capacity of over 50,000 therapeutic products from which it will select based on the information obtained. Still the basic concept is the same: a circuit is established from the MSA machine, through the individual, and back to the MSA.

Summary of MSA’s primary benefits: 

•     A fast, accurate, repeatable, and objective health-profiling tool

•     Painless and non-invasive—no blood or urine is drawn for this test

•     Assesses the relative compatibility of various pharmaceuticals, supplements, and other remedies for your individual condition

•     Determines which of many toxins, bacteria, viruses, or parasites may need to be addressed.

•     Identifies reactions to foods, chemicals, and environmental toxins.

•     Can be used to bring all body systems into balance, by identifying the key areas of imbalance and then appropriate remedies

•     May also be used to monitor your progress and healing over time, as well as to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of supplementation and medication

Preparing for your MSA test

•     Drink plenty of water the day before and on the day of testing.

•     Avoid a heavy meal right before the procedure.

•     No panty hose, lotions, perfumes or colognes on the day of testing.

•     Individuals with pacemakers may not undergo MSA testing.

•     All watches, cell phones, or other electrical devices must be removed from your body or pockets.

•     Bring all medications, supplements or other remedies you are taking.

To schedule an MSA test, please call Total Health Nutrition Center at (919) 781-9994 or the Carolina Center at (919) 571-4391 or (800) 473-9812

 Disclaimer: MSA is a powerful adjunctive physician's tool that can be used to improve our understanding of the total health of the body. However, because MSA has not been validated by randomized controlled clinical trials. It is not intended to replace regular blood, stool, or urine tests that your physician may recommend.