New Patient Information

We greatly appreciate your interest in becoming a patient at the Carolina Center.  In contrast with conventional medicine, integrative Medicine involves an entirely different way of thinking about health and the body; and the processes and procedures we follow are not always familiar to most people.  We need to obtain a great deal of information from you in order to provide the best care, and just as importantly, there is much you will need to learn from us.

While optional, it is strongly recommended that all incoming new patients attend one of our regularly scheduled “Introduction to the Carolina Center” Group Orientation during which time you will meet Dr. Pittman and learn the basics of a cellular-based integrative approach. We encourage you to bring along the person who can be a support partner to you during this process—someone who can help you get the most out of this experience and hold you accountable.  The more this person knows, the more he or she will be able to support you.  Hopefully this same person can come to all your office visits, as there is frequently much to take in, and of course, two heads are better than one!

All New Patient candidates will be screened by our medical staff before acceptance.  Based on our review of the Medical History Questionnaire, past medical records, and overall assessment of patient’s health status, we will make the determination as to whether candidates will be accepted and if so, which type office visit will be appropriate. 


Types of New Patient Visits

As an integrative medical practice, we work with a wide variety of types of patients from those interested in general wellness to very complex patients with debilitating chronic illnesses.  We offer these options for New Patients wishing to be seen: