Thermal Imaging Consultations

Carolina Thermascan, L.L.C. provides Infrared Thermal Imaging as a screening tool which uses an ultra-sensitive heat detection camera to observe minute changes in skin temperature which can provide clues toward understanding the processes of the human body.  This procedure is able to detect subtle, vascular and physiological changes that if left unattended may over time lead to degenerative disruptive diseases.  A primary indication is in screening for early clues to breast cancer and this service is available to the general public without having to become a patient of the Carolina Center. For those individuals with specific health concerns for which they are seeking additional information through thermal imaging, clinical correlation is highly recommended.  Clients undergoing scans in our Raleigh location may request a brief (15 to 20 minute) consultation with Dr. Pittman following your scan to review your health history and the findings of the scan, as well as to discuss any further evaluation or possible treatment recommendations.  Additional testing can be ordered if needed and follow-up will be provided to insure any issues related to the findings of this scan are managed. 

Charges for these services are:

  • Breasts:  8 views - $235
  • Brief consultation - $152

In addition to breast health screening, thermal imaging is also used to assess other body regions but can only be provided within the context of a medical encounter in order to provide an accurate interpretation.  These other regions and their cost include:

  • Abdomen and Lower Back – 4 views                                                 $140 + $152 consultation fee = $292
  • Head and Neck – 6 views                                                                 $180 + $152 consultation fee = $332
  • Men (for cardiovascular health screening) – 7 views                           $205 + $152 consultation fee = $357

Thermal Imaging Consultations are available on Fridays at our Raleigh location and are performed immediately after undergoing your thermascan.   To request your consultation, please complete the following forms along with requested materials and upon receipt, we will be in contact to schedule your Thermascan.  Additional required forms are noted on this document which will also need to be completed and returned to our office.

To schedule an appointment, please click on the link below for the type of scan you wish to undergo, complete and fax to: 919-571-8968 or            e-mail to:


Breast Screening (Female) - Registration Forms & Consents

Abdomen and Lower Back - Registration Forms & Consents

Head and Neck - Registration Forms & Consents

Chest and Lungs (Male) - Registration Forms & Consents